"Art has a way of confronting us, of reminding us, of engaging us, in what it means to be human, and what it means to be human is to be flawed, is to be contradictory, is to be often weak, and yet despite all of these what we would consider drawbacks, that we’re also quite beautiful." 

José Córcoles-Vargas (July 31st, 1990) is a visual artist based in Chicago, IL. Jose’s work aims to upend the image of the meek working-class Mexican, challenging the politics of respectability while seeking non-conventional forms and fusions to tell stories. He reaches back and borrows from his migrant ancestors, paying homage to his Mexican and Guatemalan roots through photography and filmmaking while exploring themes of labor, class struggle and time. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2013 José has been working primarily as a teaching artist, photojournalist and filmmaker.